We are All Winos Now, According to This Animated Map

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Our fair country’s love affair with wine keeps growing, thanks to all those dates, evenings hanging out with friends, and Friday nights watching Shark Tank alone with a glass of vino (and maybe chocolate). The wine blog Vinepair has created an animated chart showing each state’s per-capita wine consumption from 1994 through 2011. (Just keep in mind it uses the state’s entire population, rather than just those who are older than 21.)

Although it’s not surprising to see that West Coasters, Northeasterners, and Floridian retirees are big winos, what is surprising is wine’s overall growing popularity across the country. Vinepair speculate the uptick could be due to all those reports of red wine being good for heart health, or our growing population, but I’m going to attribute it to preference — cocktails or beer just don’t pair well when you’re watching Shark Tank and eating chocolate alone on a Friday night. You want to feel fancy.

[h/t Business Insider]