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Dinner PDA Isn’t As Annoying As Screaming Babies, But It’s Still Pretty Annoying

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According to a recent survey conducted by restaurant discovery service Urbanspoon, American diners have no shortage of pet peeves when it comes to going out to eat at restaurants. Surprisingly, “overly cuddly couples” fall smack in the middle of the list of restaurant-related annoyances, beat out by such atrocities as “unruly children” (the #1 pet peeve) and, narrowly, “menu typos.” (Although, for what it’s worth, I would gladly read a menu peppered with a dozen references to “curry with shrimps” than sit next to the couple feeding each other said shrimps all evening.)

So, young lovers, the next time you should find yourself tempted to finish off dinner with a dessert course of each other’s tongues, remember to hold off on the PDA  – before I scream like the unruly baby you have forced me to become.

Read the full list of restaurant pet peeves here.

[h/t NY Daily News]