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Go on the Most Disgusting Date Ever at This Bathroom-Themed Restaurant

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Ambiance is everything when it comes to a dinner date. Lighting, décor, exquisite service — all components for setting the mood. But not every date has to be purely romantic, a fine French meal lit by candles and accompanied by Baroque period classical music. Maybe you want a laughably horrendous experience that you and your date will never forget. Enter:  Los Angeles’ Magic Restroom Cafe.

Fitted with toilet seats and urinal wall decorations, Magic Restroom, currently in its soft open phase, brings the experience of the post-meal release to the dinner table. Calling their food crap is a compliment — Taiwanese dishes like “smells-like-poop” (braised pork over rice) and “constipation” (zha jiang mian) are served up in miniature porcelain johns.


Early Yelp reviews for Magic Restroom Cafe are incomprehensibly tame:

“Overall, the decoration of restaurant is ok and the food is normal and it just worth to try to seat on the toilet to eat.”

Magic Restroom Cafe may not be an ideal first date — unless both parties involved really love bathrooms or one of you is this girl — but here’s a risky move that no one involved will ever forget. Playing it safe doesn’t get you anywhere. Eating out of a toilet bowl may not get you anywhere either, but at least it’ll be funny and make for one crazy Instagram photo.

Matt Patches is a writer and reporter living in New York City. His work has been featured on Vulture, Time Out New York, and The Hollywood Reporter. He is the host of the pop culture podcast Operation Kino.