A Vintage Cookbook Serves Up Sexy Recipes To Revive The Lost Art Of Seduction

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sexy strawberry

What is it about food that makes it go hand-in-hand with sex? Perhaps it’s that both, when done right, can wield an inexplicable effect over your date. So the next time you’re looking for culinary ideas to seduce your date through food, skip the Champagne strawberries and consider the legendary food critic Mimi Sheraton’s whimsical 1962 tome, The Seducer’s Cookbook: Helpful And Hilarious Hints For 20 Situations Into Which Men May Lure Women, And Vice-Versa — Including Décor, Dress, Dialogue, Drink And Delicious Recipes. (The title is longer than some of the recipes.)


Even back in 1962, Sheraton was lamenting that seduction was increasingly becoming a lost art. How could that be so, if people were jumping into bed with each other left and right? Seduction, Sheraton says, would never be so crass as to involve the normal “pushing, pulling, pleading and promising” that occurs in the process of getting someone into bed.

The Seducer’s Cookbook offers different sample menus for various occasions, like a morning-after breakfast, or dumping someone (serve them leftovers), or seducing young lovers, like in the menu below.


Image via Flickr