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Using Food to get a Ring: A Guide

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o-CAKE-LOVE-facebookMy grandmother once told me that the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It’s a cute line, but then again she also told me that going to bed with wet hair will give you a cold and turns out that’s total bullshit. Besides, aren’t we at a point where we can say, “Being a smart, successful, and confident woman is the fastest way to a man’s heart?” Well according to the sea of “I am using food to get a man” blogs that are out there, apparently not!

Page Six senior editor Stephanie Smith has been running a blog called 300 Sandwiches, inspired by the time her boyfriend made an offhand comment that she was “300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring” after she made him one. Surprise! She’s taking you up on that offer! Smith claims it’s partly an excuse to force her to cook more and push herself to try more and more culinarily experimental sandwiches, but she also points out that she’s in her mid-30s and her baby-rearing years aren’t going to last forever. Hmm, do I detect a hint of desperation shmeared on my rye bread? Personally I think she should rename the site the “I don’t have time to make you 300 sandwiches because I’m too busy having a career and being very attractive so shit or get off the pot, bro, I’m not waiting forever” blog.

Then there’s the “Sitting in Bars with Cake” blog, where the name is pretty self-explanatory. Authored by Audrey Shulman, the blog documents one woman’s quest to find herself a good ole man by going to bars a cake she’s baked in tow. The idea is the cake is the man magnet, rather than smart, witty, attractive 27 year old with good hair who is holding the cake.  Like Smith, Shulman also claims this blog is part dating experiment, part culinary adventure, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the author admits she wished she “lived in the 1950′s.” Do you, Audrey? Do you really?

Sure, bringing cakes to bars might just be a harmless and fun ice breaker and, yeah, these women are both writers who are aware that the fastest way to get a book/movie deal these days is to have a blog that goes viral, but I’d like to think we all know that you want to get engaged because you and your partner are in love, you find that your lives are better together, and you’re both ready and willing to make this commitment, not because you baked him an engagement chicken.

Although I will admit a lot of the recipes they posted look very tasty.

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