Everybody Wins

Two Brave South Korean Men Throw Country’s First Same-sex Wedding

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South Korean film director Kim Jho Gwang-soo kisses his partner Kim Seung-hwan during their wedding ceremony in central SeoulThis past Saturday two men celebrated South Korea’s first public gay wedding. Same-sex marriage is illegal in South Korea, so the marriage of film director Jho Gwang-soo to his partner of nine years was entirely symbolic. Not only is there no real lobby for same-sex marriage in the country, Gwang-soo is only the second openly-gay celebrity in the country…ever.

The grooms wore all white and exchanged deeply personal vows, in addition to singing a song to “illustrate their love story.” They sang…an illustrative love song… on a bridge… with a choir. The newlyweds certainly brought same-sex weddings in with a bang.

New Zealand is the only country in the Asia-Pacific region with legalized same-sex marriage, and South Korea is in no hurry to follow the lead of the friendly country down south. In the meantime, though, Gwang-soo and his husband Kim Seung-hwan are excited to be trailblazers. The pair plan to use their wedding gift money to open an LGBT center.

Another win for love.