Find Out Which Colleges Have the Most Cheaters

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The long-vilified dating site for married people, AshleyMadison.com, is now using its data for good. Experts at AshleyMadison.com have reviewed the profiles on their site, and have compiled a list of the universities with the highest percentage of alumni who are AshleyMadison.com users. This gives us information on the schools that produce the horniest cheaters, which is vital for every college graduate to know. More so than Nietzche, at the very least.

The number one school on the list may surprise you. Or maybe you went there, got burnt by some awful cheaters, and feel entirely justified. Either way, it’s University of Minnesota, and their alums account for 7.8% of the site’s users. I find this difficult to believe, because they all talk like that nice lady from Fargo there. They can’t possibly say “Minnesoooda” and cheat on people, can they?

The rest of the universities that round out the the top five aren’t quite as surprising. Coming in second is Arizona State University (7.4%), with its football bros; third is SUNY Buffalo (6.8%), with its Commie New Yorkers; fourth is University of Maryland (5.2%), also with its Commie New Yorkers (all of whom shuttle out to Maryland); and fifth is Ohio State University (3.8%), with its bored farmers. All likely candidates for some extra-marital loving.

Image via Veer