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What the Last BuzzFeed Quiz You Posted on Facebook Says About Your Dating Style

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Obviously, you’ve posted a BuzzFeed quiz to Facebook recently — you are a human-person with Internet, that’s what we do now. But knowing that Dorothy is your inner Golden Girl only gets you so far. The real question is, what does it say about your dating style?

What City Should You Actually Live In

BuzzFeed test resultYou’re likable. You’re cool. You know good parties and good movies and good dive bars. You haven’t actually been to that new restaurant yet, but you totally are aware that it exists. People return your phone calls. You are competent at sexting.

What European Country Do You Actually Belong In

BuzzFeed test resultSometimes, you’re a little late to the party. It’s possible you thought this was the “what city do you actually belong in” quiz (it is not). That’s okay — in fact, that’s part of your charm. For a second date, you have dinner at a mid-range Italian restaurant and order spaghetti, and there is nothing wrong with that.

What Should Your College Major Actually Be

BuzzFeed test resultYou aren’t totally sure about your choices. Generally, people underestimate you, but maybe they wouldn’t if you talked about college less? You’re not sure. You like validation. (Who doesn’t, though.)

Which Minor Friends Character Are You

BuzzFeed test resultYou are popular. You’re super-busy. You “do brunch,” but you have a sense of irony about it. (Your love of mimosas, though — that’s real.) You date early and often, but if your ex came back into the picture, you’d totally consider it.

Which Girls Character Are You

BuzzFeed test resultYou have a lot of feelings. You worry. You send emails at 3 am and regret them by the morning. You wear polkadots but you’re not sure you look good in them. You find decision-making difficult, which is somewhat annoying at restaurants. You generally go for grilled cheese, but the expensive kind.

What State Do You Actually Belong In

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 12.35.09 PMYou’re pragmatic. You wear comfortable shoes. You’re not going to stay out all night and you’re not sorry about it. If you like someone, you don’t wait three days to call them back, because that’s stupid. You are very good at bar trivia.

Which Pop Diva Are You

BuzzFeed test resultYou are theatrical. You go dancing. You are always up for karaoke — you love doing it, but you especially love forcing other people to do it. You’re a little bitchy, but you’re proud of it. You’re good at flirting. You have excellent taste in restaurants. It is possible you drank too much last night.

Which Muppet Are You

BuzzFeed test resultNostalgia works for you. You enjoyed your childhood, and you’re not sorry about it. It is hard for you to remember not everyone is as interested in ’80s sitcoms as you are. You own a record player. You like board games. You eat your chocolate ice cream melted. You avoid having “the talk” at all costs.

Which Decade Do You Actually Belong In

BuzzFeed test resultYou are quirky, but you’re not as weird as you think you are. You are into swing dancing. You might wear a monocle. You also bring your date flowers, and when you are not reading your civil war histories, you’re an extremely good cook. You are a serial monogamist. You don’t use Tinder.

What Arbitrary Thing Are You

BuzzFeed test resultWell aren’t you whimsical? You’re fun. You’re funny. Sometimes, you try too hard. You’re usually in on the joke, even when you are the joke. In general, you’re self-deprecating, but you use the phrase “going to shows” earnestly. You own at least three Woody Allen movies on DVD.