5 Stupidly Simple Ways to Look Like a Million Bucks On Your Date

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You know how your mother always told you to “just be yourself” when you were trying to get people to like you? True, she’s probably in denial about you like Seinfeld’s mom was:

JERRY: “Mom, I know this may be hard for you to understand but I’m sure there are many people who do not like me.”

JERRY’S MOM: “(GASP) Jerry, don’t say that!”

JERRY: “It’s true.”

JERRY’S MOM: “No it isn’t, it’s not true…. you’re a wonderful, wonderful boy. Everybody likes you; it’s impossible not to like you, impossible.

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When it comes to clothes, though, your mom was right; being yourself is the way to go. But that’s easier said than done. How do you know what’s perfect for you?


Have a little self-awareness when it comes to your ass.

I know that you have a wonderful memory of you at 15 in skinny white jeans and knowing you looked great. But your legs and your hips have grown up! As they should have. All I’m saying is, what was a terrifically flattering cut in high school may not be your best bet now.


If you don’t know how to walk in 6″ heels, don’t wear 6″ heels.

I know you feel all girly and elegant in them but you look like a geek. If you want to wear 6″ heels at least practice a little at home until you look more natural wearing them.

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Just because everyone else is wearing something it doesn’t mean that you should.

Those really short shorts? If your thighs are bulging out of them you just won’t achieve the look that you were hoping for. Maxi-dresses? If you are too short you won’t look like a goddess, you’ll look like a nun. Don’t just follow the trend. Wear what makes you look and feel like ten million bucks. You know what that is.


Take a picture of before you go out.

You’ll get a better sense of how you look than if you just look at yourself in a mirror.

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Try to develop your own sense of style and wear what makes you happy.

Don’t buy the outfit off the mannequin. Don’t copy your best friend’s look. Think about the clothes that you like and wear them. Girls that have a good sense of themselves always look good no matter what they are wearing.