Dazzle Your Date This Holiday Season with a $1200 Shopping Spree & Style Consultation

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Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to start thinking about the holidays. Or, more specifically, what to wear to all those egg-nogged, all spiced events that are piling up now that the pecan pie’s all gone — from family dinners to office fetes to those wintry dates we’ve been looking forward to all year.

Because we’ve always got your back, HowAboutWe has joined forces with Daily Worth and Style Made Simple to give one lucky winner a personal style consultation, customized shopping guide and a $1200 shopping spree.

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We asked noted style bloggers, Seth Putnam from The Midwestyle, Rachel Nguyen from That’s Chic and Andrea Kerbuski from Blonde Bedhead to weigh in on their favorite date getups and how they’d use $1200 to jazz up their wardrobes.

Seth, The Midwestyle, Chicago IL:

How he’d take advantage of our shopping spree: “With 1,200 bucks to blow on wardrobe updates, I’d spring for some much-needed accent pieces. I’m embarrassed to even admit this, but I’m in sore need of a halfway decent pair of brown dress shoes. I’d probably opt for something classic but eye-catching—maybe a walnut oxford with some brogue details, or possibly a simple cap-toe if I wanted to be a bit more conservative.

Then, I’d pick up a tie or two (a guy can never have enough ties). I’m also coveting a pair of tapered wool trousers: flat-front, in a grey tone. I bet I’d have a tad left in the budget, so I’d throw in some snazzy socks for good measure. Never thought I’d be saying that, but hey, bright socks are viable accessories these days.”

You heard the man – snowflake season calls for great shoes, warm trousers and snazzy socks!

Rachel, That’s Chic, Los Angeles CA: 

“I love the barely there tank worn for sex appeal and the juxtaposition against clown pants. I guess in a way, it’s a man-repelling outfit, but if he’s interested in another date, then I guess you know you’re doing something right.”

How she’d take advantage of our giveaway: “With an extra $1200, I’d splurge on a pair of Miu Miu pumps. The stuff out right now is so good!”

Andrea, Blonde Bedhead, Lansing MI:

“There’s nothing like a simple fit and flare dress to wow on a date night. It’s a flattering shape and it’s easy and fun to wear. I styled this striped dress with a cropped leather jacket, red clutch and a pair of Christian Louboutin’s.”

On how she’d enjoy our style giveaway: “If I had $1200 to update my wardrobe it would be with separates! I need to mix in more skater and flowy maxi skirts with fitted sweaters and fun prints. I’d also definitely need to throw in some winter-worthy black and brown boots to wear through the cold, snowy months.”

Now that you have inspiration for how to spend your winnings, enter the giveaway