Kristin Davis Is Very Sorry That ‘Sex and the City’ Made You Wear Uncomfortable Heels

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Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis owes you an apology. The Sex and the City star, who admits she now wears flats as often as possible, told the Telegraph that she feels “guilt” about the show’s glamorization of sky-high heels.

“It did seem we were trying to say to women, ‘You should be wearing heels like these.’ But we definitely weren’t,” she said. “Were they beautiful shoes? Yes. Were they appropriate for the characters? Yes, that’s what women like that wear. But it became a bigger picture thing, where it seemed women should be wearing them every day.”

For the record, you almost definitely should not be wearing heels every day. They are an implausible physiological nightmare, one that has spawned a side industry of numbing sprays to temporarily deaden the nerves in your feet and trick your brain into thinking that you’re not in horrible, horrible pain. Sarah Jessica Parker herself revealed in 2013 that years of tottering around in stilettos caused her to grow an extra, mutant bone in her foot, like the worst X-Men character ever.

I’m reluctant to believe that this show hobbled an entire generation of women, Misery-style, but Carrie Bradshaw’s enviable footwear certainly did make Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik household names around the world. If a repentant HBO feels like following George Lucas’ lead, they could always release a reedited version of SATC in which all the heels have been digitally replaced with Uggs.