The Most Stylish Date-Night Hairstyles for 2014

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Fotor0107124930This article originally appears in allure and is reprinted here with permission.allure-logo-300x112

Romantic waves. Shiny blowouts. Sexy tousled curls. The most feminine, flattering hairstyles also happen to be perfect for a first date, third date, bazillionth date…you get the idea.

Voluminous Half-Up

taylor-swift-half-up-hairdoLanguid waves and a ton of volume at the crown make Swift’s half-up style soft and coquettish (and her awesome bangs don’t hurt, either). Prep damp roots with a volumizing spray, like L’Oréal Paris Everstyle Volume Root Lift Spray, and blast the roots at the crown while lifting your hair with a big round brush. For extra credit, wrap the hair at the crown around large Velcro rollers to set the height. Tousle the rest of your hair while you blow-dry, take out the rollers, and curl the length around a one-inch iron. Secure the half that’s up with pins crisscrossed into an X (it looks cute and gives you the most secure hold).

Textured Ends


This is the ultimate zero-effort hair. Wind the midshaft of your hair around a one-inch curling iron, leaving the last inch or two free. As the pieces cool, gently tug them at the bottom to loosen the shape, says Saviano. Tousle just the ends of the waves with your fingers to break up the curls and get Wilde’s fullness. Mist a texturizing spray such as Shu Uemura Art of Hair Liquid Fabric Mineral Texture Spray all over for an even more piecey finish.

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Side-Swept Bangs

kerry-washington-bangsSweeping your bangs to one side sexes up your look. (Hi, Kerry!) That’s the easy part. Getting them to stay in place, however, is trickier. When your hair is still damp (it won’t stay as well if you try pushing bangs over when they’re dry), grab a small round brush and pop a nozzle attachment on your blow-dryer. Focus the heat at the roots of your bangs and brush them to one side. Hairstylist Nathaniel Hawkins recommends setting side-swept bangs with a water-free hair spray (we likeTresemmé Tres Two Spray) to hold the shape and avoid frizz.


Soft Blowout


A smooth blowout with a soft bend and incredible shine—now that’s romantic, saysMatt Fugate, a hairstylist at Sally Hershberger Downtown in New York City. Use a large round brush when drying hair to add body all over and a lend slight curve at the ends (turn your face-framing layers away from your face and your ends under). When your hair is dry, mist on a shine spray from an arm’s length away.A boar-bristle brush, like the Ibiza EX3 round brush, grabs on to strands and creates tension, “so you get really glassy hair,” says Fugate.

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Rough Waves

emmy-rossum-wavy-hairThe best way to revive limp hair is with texture. A lot of texture. To get Rossum’s cool-girl waves, twist random sections of hair around a one-inch curling iron from the midshaft down, then douse them with dry shampoo for a roughed-up finish. By keeping the roots and ends straight, the style stays effortless and laid back.



Short and Choppy


There are only two things you need to know about styling a pixie cut: A piecey texture looks really friggin’ cool, and you never, ever want a defined part. That’s the key, according to Fugate: “Otherwise, you start looking boyish or frumpy.” Rub styling cream between your fingers, then run them forward from your crown to your forehead to dissolve the part and create a beautiful, disheveled style. Fugate likes Dove Style+Care Frizz-Free Shine Cream-Serum.

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