Video: Two Great Date Night Looks (For the Guys)

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Dating in NYC is hard, but what makes it even harder is trying to find something to wear for the date (especially for guys… I think). So while perusing the menswear at the Frank & Oak NYC pop-up, I decided to give the boys a hand by picking out two outfits for two hypothetical dates — the classic “dinner and a movie” and a winter themed “ice skating date” — from their ever-rugged, yet sexy, boy wardrobe. (How about we… find some cute boy clothes at the Frank & Oak NYC pop-up shop … and find some cute boys to try them on while we’re at it?)

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Lucky for me, Zac Barnett of Brookyln based band American Authors was at the shop to help me find and model some swoon-worthy shirt combinations for the dates at hand. That lovely voice you are currently listening to on this lovely track on the video is Zac’s… yes ladies, he is single.

How About We Pick Out Some Date Outfits at the Frank & Oak Pop-up from bianca on Vimeo.

Dinner and a Movie Date:

A first-date dinner can be tricky. You don’t want to come off too buttoned up with “trader vibes” in a fancy oxford that clearly looks like you came straight from the office, but you don’t want to show up in a wrinkly mess of a shirt either (unless grunge is your look… then by all means, do it). We picked a blue gingham shirt from the United Tailors for Frank & Oak collection. It’s like, trading good vibes and still put together.  That, coupled with a cashmere sweater will probably land you a second date… and lead to your date’s head resting cozily on your cashmere laden arm as you watch sexy Daniel Craig in the new 007 Skyfall. (I tested the cashmere softness myself. Gentlemen, it’s a winner.)

Ice Skating Date:

So, your first instinct is go warm with the ice skate date because of the ice!  However, you often forget that ice skating involves a lot of movement. A flannel shirt should do the trick, so long as it’s layered. This one is only $45, layered over a super soft t-shirt for $20. Unbutton that shirt and let it blow in the wind, so gracefully leaving her swooning.  Not breaking the bank on these two pieces also means you’ll have more money to spend on the date. WOO! Grab drinks after that rink session and warm up with some hot toddys somewhere, and possibly some hot makeouts.

Frank & Oak’s pop-up was a two day affair a couple of weeks ago, but don’t fret.  Their sole business is based online — yay! Though you won’t have me dragging you around a fun space in Soho, the United Tailors site actually has a LookEngine in which you can go through a series of scenarios and themes, then it’ll generate its outfit pick for you. Zac and I tested this out while at the event, with various date options.

Check out the outfit the Look Engine picked for him.  Who needs a stylist when you have an internet connection?

Plus, watch the outtakes from the video shoot here:

Picking date outfit banter with Zac from bianca on Vimeo.

Bianca is a co-founder of Small Girls PR and lover of cotton candy, whiskey, dancing, rocking out, and boys (not necessarily in that order).  Dating is her favorite.  

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