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When you are happy, and in love, it is so easy to fall into a lazy routine of life with your partner. You watch TV all week, loiter all weekend, order takeout on date night and have sex every now and again. For some, (and we have all been here), this is what makes up a comfortable relationship. Without knowing it, you become ‘above’ the idea that a long-lasting relationship needs work and you settle into a day-to-day routine, hitting a serious wall years later.

In a way, you are so comfy with your partner that you block out the need to put in effort to show how much you care. The point is, every relationship, no matter how happy you are, needs some daily TLC.

Here are 10 vows you should make to your partner, to guarantee you don’t fall in the lazy category.

1. Thou will always hit up weekly date night

Whether you are three weeks or three years into your relationship, sticking to a weekly date night routine will help you and your partner keep the romance alive. Take the time to go out together – it doesn’t matter if you are walking the dog, going to a movie or galavanting off on a weekend getaway, the important thing is that you are making an effort to spend time together and appreciating each others company.

2. Thou will always go to sleep together

Apparently, going to bed at the same time each night will increase your intimacy and connection. Going to bed together doesn’t mean you have to have sex every single night, but it does mean that you have a bedtime spoon, and who doesn’t love a cuddle!

3. Thou will check in throughout the day

Calling or texting your partner to see how their day is going is a nice way to not only show that you care, but stay in sync with their mood. You know what to expect when they come home at night, and you can carry their joy (or sympathize with their disdain) for the night ahead.

4. Thou will make an effort with one’s friends and family

It is important to make a sincere effort with your significant other’s friends and family. Friends and family are just as important to your partner as you are – show that you understand that, and try and connect with those people as much as possible. There is a reason these people are as close as they are to the one you love, it will come as no surprise that you get along if you make an effort!

5. Thou will voice when one is annoyed

Communication, communication, communication. Sometimes, we build up something small in our heads and let it get bigger and bigger until we explode, (most of the time completely out of the blue and uncalled for). If something is bothering you, speak up straight away!

6. Thou will have sex at least once a week

Apparently, couples who have sex at least once a week are the happiest in their relationship. Remember that at the end of the day, sex is about being as close as you can to the person you are most intimate with. Try changing things up, and be sure to voice your likes and dislikes. They don’t know how to please you unless you say something!

7. Thou will never go to bed angry

Fight fair. Unless your partner has seriously f*cked up, and you are spending the night somewhere else – never go to bed angry. Respect what the other person has to say and try and resolve it before you fall asleep. The odds are you aren’t going to agree on everything throughout your relationship – calling each other out on each others shit is what makes love, love!

8. Thou will not shy away from public affection

It’s not a big deal, people! Hold hands, cuddle, kiss, linger awhile. Make an effort to show affection to each other in public. Not only does this help you both to feel more connected outside of the bedroom, it publicly acknowledges to one another that you are together and in love.

9. Thou will remember the little things

Go back to the first month of your relationship, and remember the little (but most important) things. Their favorite song. Their favorite food. Their favorite date night spot. Try and remember the little things that make the person you love who they are and remind them – it will go a long way in the long run.

10. Thou will remind one how much they care

It’s pretty simple. No matter when, why or how, say “I love you” every day.