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We teamed up with Bowlmor to bring you a guide on how to be confident and impress on a first date. Whether you are going bowling, for ice cream, or just a drink, you will be at your best.

There are many common dating myths surrounding the soul-searching singles of America. Today, unfortunate dating misconceptions flow frequently, whether induced from lack of regular practice or from romance tactics as advised by mom. Seriously, leave the flowers at home! Here we have settled the score on each.

The guy should pay

This is an age-old myth, and one that at the end of the day is somewhat driven from unfortunate gender stereotypes. Lets be honest, it is great if a first date offers to pay for dinner or drinks, but it is 2015 people… split the bill.

You shouldn’t have sex

Whether you should or shouldn’t have sex on a first-date depends on your personal values and what you want from the other person after the date. If you are sexually attracted to someone and you want to have sex, you should have sex. If you do not want to have sex with that person (whether it be ever or not yet) then don’t. It is pretty simple really, and doesn’t implicate how the other will feel about you. It takes two, doesn’t it?

Dress casually

Depending on what your date involves, dress to impress! If you are going rock-climbing, obviously do not wear a suit or heels (awkward), but at the end of the day – the idea that you should dress down for a date is one that should be let go. It is all about the first impression, people! What have you got to lose?

The guy has to be the one to follow up

Life is too short. Don’t beat around the bush. If you have a butterfly-inducing, can’t-stop-talking, amazing first date, the guy does not have to be the one to text or call you before you get in touch. Whatever you do though, give it at least 12 hours before you call.

Be fashionably late

A common dating myth is that you need to arrive at least 10 – 15 minutes after you arrange to meet to ensure the person understands that you are cool and aloof … Sorry what? What are they meant to understand by you arriving late, with them sitting somewhere wondering if you are going to show? Be punctual, it is much more attractive when someone values your time together.

Bars and clubs are the best place to meet

Apparently bars and clubs are the best place to meet a potential partner on a first-date. In reality, although the atmosphere is relaxed, nerves tend to consume a little too much alcohol and you are left the next day wondering if you really did tell the person how you really felt about your exes boisterous Golden Retriever. By all means, meet for a drink. One drink. Then embark elsewhere.

It is weird to think about a future

As much as everyone thinks it is strange to think long-term while on a first date, at least 51 percent of men and 49 percent of women imagine a future together when they meet someone for the first time. Dream away!

Your body is being judged

The top three things that singles judge a potential first date by are grammar, self-confidence, and their teeth (random). Your body-shape is perfect the way it is, and if a first date can’t see that then good riddance!

Friends-with-benefits will never be serious

There is a common misconception that if you enter into a friends-with-benefits relationship it will never become serious. Of single Americans, 33 percent of men and 23 percent of women have had a friends-with-benefits relationship turn into a long-term, committed one. Hello, No Strings Attached.

Everyone fibs about their sexual history

Only 23 percent of singles have exaggerated or lessened their number of previous sex partners to a date. Honesty is key, people. Especially when it comes to sex.

Discover more common myths debunked from Singles in America (SIA) survey. Statistics above taken from SIA 2015.