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We teamed up with Bowlmor to bring you a guide on how to be confident and impress on a first date. Whether you are going bowling, for ice cream, or just a drink, you will be at your best.

As the online dating world evolves, and the turnover rate of first-dates becomes more frequent, one must learn to stand out from the rest. The typical dinner and drink, although nice, is too easy! It throws you into the same category as every other blasé charmer, and you want to show a strength of character that won’t be easily forgotten. Here, we uncover five different first-date activities that guarantee you stand out.

Go Bowling

I mean, it sounds a little cliché. But you have to admit, it is fun. Release your inner 8-year-old and inspire a night of high energy entertainment and giddy childhood joy. Merriment aside, bowling also presents many an opportunity for (somewhat unintentional) physical contact. Get the ball rolling, (pun intended), with very little preparation and let conversation flow.

Shuffleboard the night away

OK, yes. It is a random thing to do. But can you think of an activity better to start conversation? Hell no. A shuffleboarding date combines a prime selection of cocktails and your Nanna’s favorite hobby – a very hipster mix, if you ask a date. Let loose and break the ice, challenging your partner to a game that can be followed up by dinner – the tipsy, competitive combination will work a charm.

Hit the water

Get your Notebook on. Fresh air, open water and a back-to-nature attitude makes you appear endearingly down-to-earth and gives you plenty to chat about. Whether you are cruising in a sailboat or jumping on a ferry, boating will ensure a skyline view, fresh air, and a big old tick from the date-police.

Make nice with Mother Nature

Sometimes, the setting speaks louder than your chat. Head to a private garden or blooming park for a beautiful spring date. Think lying on the grass in the sunshine, with cheese and a rosé of choice. A natural winner.

Hop on a bike

The possibilities are endless. Whether you bike individually or go tandem cycling, each peddle poses a perfect first date. The no-frills adventure allows you to get outside, explore new areas and experience the wind in your hair while you gaze into each others eyes lovingly… Done and done.

The best date ever? Combine all of the above! Yes, it is possible and yes, it would be awesome.