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We teamed up with Bowlmor to bring you a guide on how to be confident and impress on a first date. Whether you are going bowling, for ice cream, or just a drink, you will be at your best.

We are going to go ahead and say it, bowling makes for the perfect first date. As you all know, the first date comes with a LOT of pressure – from whether you are wearing the right thing, where you are going, what you are drinking, what to talk about… it is endless. Curb that inner freak-out and go bowling, where everything is planned for you! Not only do you not have to worry about what you’re wearing – smart casual (easy), but you have an activity breaking up your banter and allowing for some friendly competition.

Haven’t been to a bowling alley in a million years? That’s probably because you are envisioning childhood parties and goofy clown shoes – little do you know that the alley actually stays open after the children have left the building… and gets a whole lot better.


Bowling is much more interactive than sitting in a crowded bar wondering if you are leaning against the wall awkwardly. Not only does it supply you with a back-to-the-future joy in reliving your childhood giddiness, but when combined with alcohol makes for a very fun, flirty night together. Whilst bowling (strikes of course), you can order said alcohol and food that will be delivered to you VIP style by lane-side servers.


Under the glow-in-the-dark lane lights and nestled in banquette seating, bowling presents an opportunity to relate to each other. The game, featuring a hearty amount of background noise, takes the stress away from constantly thinking of interesting things to say, and the high potential for physical contact (yes, its true – “let me lift that ball for you”), allows for a very likely end-of-date smooch.


It is entertaining! Step out of the restaurant box, and be the memorable date that does something different. Your potential partner will be impressed by the flirty competition and (most importantly) be comfortable and at ease. Show your true character and get to know theirs with an unforgettable first date, that will most definitely lead to another!

Go on… give it a go!