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Sniffing Pheromones off T-Shirts Is Texas’ New Dating Craze

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Sometimes a person wears a shirt for several days. It happens. There’s some shame in it. Now, instead of putting off washing it (and possibly wearing it again), singles in Houston can bring those sweat-ridden shirts to mingle with other sweat-ridden shirts. And by some magical science trick called “pheromones,” they might just find their soulmate. So says the brassy, buxom, blonde lady in Texas who invented “Pheromone Dating,” or, events where single people smell each other’s dirty clothes in hopes of finding the sweaty smell that gets them all hot and bothered.

The second inaugural event of “Pheromone Dating” was held last night in Houston. Singles came, brought their dirty T-shirts, and placed them in plastic bags along with specially numbered and color-coded note cards (blue for men, pink for women because Texas loves a gender norm) to keep things organized and clean, of course. Then everyone set out smelling potential mates’ filthy shirts, “inhaling deeply” as encouraged by the presiding inventor-extraordinaire, Amber Neal.

The idea behind Neal’s dating events originates in science, with the concept of pheromones. Pheromones are often cited in Cosmo and Shape as the secret to attracting a partner. They’re not, but that’s okay. Pheromones are the chemicals secreted by different people, which manifest in different smells, engendering varied responses in members of the opposite sex. Each person supposedly has a genetic predilection for certain scents. Therefore, when someone smells a funky T-shirt and finds themselves hopelessly attracted to the person who created the funky smell, they’re obviously in love.

Yes, the science is hokey, but everyone loves science, especially fake, funny-sounding science that can help us fall in love. And if that science is actually just a lot of bullshit? Well, don’t sweat the small stuff.

Image via Veer