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Whole Foods Is Now Offering Speed Dating to Go with Your Quinoa Salad

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You know that overwrought magazine headline, “Go to the grocery store to find love”? That ever insightful tip is finally being put to use by organic kale and bulk nuts ethusiasts, Whole Foods. The marketing team in Tallahassee, Florida just developed a speed-dating program called “Express Lane Love.” It’s three days of speed-dating for foodies, with the added bonus of free wine and cheese you might not be able to afford otherwise. There’s a bar right in the store, too. So if the conversation about gluten-free breads goes favorably (“He agrees that Udi’s is the jam!”), you can move the discussion on over to cocktail hour. The program is taking place all week, and tonight, the 18-25 age group will be served. Fingers crossed, young’ns.

This seems like an exciting new venture, right? Dating in supermarkets? Crazy! Nope, not so much. Whole Foods is actually just keeping up with the Joneses. Or in this case, the Publix store across town. Apparently, the Publix in Tallahassee has been lovingly known to native North Floridians as “Club Pub” for some time now, because of its popular dating events. Maybe all the writers who suggest going to the grocery store to get a date have been hiding out in Florida this whole time?

Image via Veer