Missed Connections

10 Incredible Missed Connections That Could Only Happen at Wawa

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Who doesn’t love a fresh hoagie just 20 feet away from where a guy named Earl is pumping his gas? Wawa is a favorite among folks in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and various other states up and down the Eastern seaboard. But it’s not just because the Pumpkin Spice coffee is scrumptious and the turkey clubs are fresh. Clark W. Griswold once said “I’m so hungry I’d eat a sandwich from a gas station.” But clearly he hadn’t discovered this magical fusion of high-class convenience store/gas station/sub shop that is Wawa. We’ve combed Craigslist for some true love connections, and found endless treats that show us how romance is often sparked by the connection two people have while reaching for an iced tea at Wawa.


How can you look so good at 6:15am?
Seeing how beautiful you look sure makes my morning, wanted to say thanks.
Would love to buy your coffee one day…

I mean, this is kind of a valid question, knowing what most chicks look like when they wake up in the morning. And I’m saying this as one of those chicks who needs a veil until 9:30 am. 6:15 is a very ambitious hour to look like a hot piece while grabbing a cup of coffee. I mean, it’s an ambitious hour to be out of the house, period, let alone battling a Wawa parking lot in South Jersey. It’s like a game of Frogger up in there.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 4.03.51 PM

Wawa this morning, you held the door for me, you were in an all green park ranger uniform, you looked very sexy, I was right behind you. I wish I could have talked to you I was already running late, If this is you, please respond if you noticed me. Thanks

Well this is a gem, if only for the use of the phrase “Park Ranger Hottie.” It totally makes you think of a slutty Yogi Bear or something. But here’s the real question: What magical forest was this park ranger headed to in Norristown? He makes it out to sound like it’s filled with woodland fairies and shit.


the short Hispanic? cop directing traffic by wawa 38th and spruce this morning-you are very handsome in your uniform. We looked at each other, you seem shy. I am usually not into guys, but I can make an exception if you like. This can be our secret. I live alone -come over on you lunch break Let me know where you parked and what car you had.

So like, I’m not a brain surgeon or anything, but I probably wouldn’t start off a personal ad with “the short Hispanic?” But the real treat of this post is the “I am not usually into guys, but I can make an exception if you like.” I’m going to go out on a limb and say you’ve made this exception before. Also the lunch break invitation is totally whack. Like, you can’t commit more than 45 minutes to this dude? There’s nothing wrong with a good nooner, but let’s hang out when there isn’t a timer set.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 4.07.32 PM

Around 8pm Friday night. I couldn’t stop staring at your eyes. Absolutely gorgeous. You were waiting with a friend in line and something was wrong. Your friends purse matched my hat. How did they match?

“Your friend’s purse matched my hat.” Well that’s descriptive. I don’t think all women head out to Wawa to grab a soda and memorize the color of their friend’s accessories. Just a hunch.


Yesterday I puled into the Wawa to get gas. The car in front of me and the truck in front of him were both blocking up the driveway, so I laid on my horn. They moved quickly and pulled up to a pump. As I’m starting to fuel up the old man in the Prius comes over and starts running his mouth. I caught you looking right at me smiling when I told him “I don’t give a fuck”. I wanted to come over and say hi, but at the same time, didn’t want you to think I was some crazed lunatic. I don’t know if you were smiling just because you were in a good mood or it was directed toward me. Whatever the reason, you have a very beautiful smile and I would like to see it again, over a cup of coffee at that same location. If you happen to see this and are interested reply back and tell me what color your car is.

Basically any missed connection that’s titled “hot chick getting gas” is an instant classic. A future wall framer. After getting in a verbal altercation, this guy decided to start a brawl with an elderly dude in a Prius. If you’re going to start a fight, at least do it with someone who could fight back. Instead this guy decides to pick a fight with someone who most likely needs orthopedic shoes. Fail. Also, any time a guy says “I didn’t want you to think I was some crazed lunatic,” it’s pretty safe to say he’s the type that has 10 severed heads in his freezer, FYI.


how was ‘your dinner’? (the bananas)
reading your body language I could tell you are a woman with solid character and a good sense of humor..wish I had asked you a very stupid question..if I could get your phone number
who knows, maybe you’ll see this message

Oh this is rich. First off, this chick is eating straight up bananas for dinner? Nothing else? Just guessing she’s lacking a protein-rich diet. However, I really do like that just from “reading her body language” he’s able to tell that she’s a woman with a solid character and a good sense of humor. I know when I see a dude with mad swagger walking down the grocery aisle; I’m just like “Wow that dude is a loyal friend with a flair for home décor.” Also, if he had real game, he woulda been like, “Hey girl. I know you’re hungry for those bananas, but I too wanna fill you full of potassium.”


I walked into wawa today 4/9 Wednesday and I noticed an amazing ass on you. Turns out you’re fucking beautiful. Had a French manicure and my god I want you! Haha prettiest black women I have ever laid eyes upon. I was the guy with a silver polo on. Pray to god you see this

Awwwww shit, look at the swagger on this dude. Anything that includes “I noticed an amazing ass on you” is totally not sketchy at all, BTW. On the Barometer of Trashiness, French manicures are between shots of Goldschlager and chicks who say their favorite novel is The Notebook. But then we get into the real meat of the story, where she’s the “prettiest black woman I ever laid eyes upon.” We’re racial profiling now. And a silver polo shirt = pure wannabe date rapist. Also, if she’s a Wawa cashier, just walk back into the store and try to slay the dragon, know what I’m sayin’?

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 4.06.03 PM

Just got back from the Wawa about an hour ago. I was standing by the salad. I checked you out. You checked me out. We were lost in a sea of insecure college students that were riding a high that only a Goo Goo Dolls performance could induce. I grabbed my sandwich (should have grabbed you instead) and left, but not before I saw you hop into your super fly whip. Shoot me an email and tell me what you were driving and maybe I’ll take you for a ride.

There is so much wrong with this I don’t know where to being. First off, “Remorseful wawa encounter” makes it sound like you shot someone at the hoagie counter. Put a little positivity into it, because you’re depressing. What do you do for fun, sit around watching Sophie’s Choice while eating wet toast? But the next part is the real kicker. “We were lost in a sea of insecure college students that were riding a high that only a Goo Goo Dolls performance could induce.” A Goo Goo Dolls performance? What is this, 1997 VH1? That’s just offensive.


Hey man came in today around 5p.m., you were working, damn your mighty fine..noticed your rings..name starts with one of these s-t-w-x-y-z, love to know more- think your a member of the family..love to know more about you

Ahhhh, Delaware. The land of excitement. Now first off, someone needs to tell Pat Sajak he can chill with the R S T L N E. Also, “think your (sic) a member of the family”? What does that mean? The Manson Family? I do give him snaps for his flair for jewelry, however. Keepin’ it real in Millsboro is probably pretty hard, so I salute you, Wawa’s customer.


I think your name is Sandy. I see you at the Wawa in Havertown (the “good” Wawa at Darby & Eagle, not the “other” Wawa by the Skatium). You look to be in your mid-50s and drive a silver Honda CRV – one with the spare tire on the outside. You usually have your hair in a ponytail and I think you work in a doctor’s office.
Would love to connect if you’re currently not partnered.

Sandy at the Wawa sounds like a good band name. But what’s with the Wawa elitism up in here? He saw Sandy at the “good” Wawa at Darby & Eagle, not the “other” Wawa by the Skatium. What you got against the skatium, dude? Are you not a fan of fun-filled afternoons cruising on the ice to smooth tunes from the early 90s? Also, it’s probably not the best idea to follow her to the doctor’s office where you think she works. Sometimes women react negatively to finding random dudes they saw in convenience stores following them to their place of employment.