Now You Can Practice Kissing With This DIY Make-Out Pillow

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kissing pillows

The problem with practice-kissing a pillow — what, you didn’t get pre-teen sex advice from Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret? — is that a pillow doesn’t have a mouth. But artist/brilliant person Emily Grace King has now generously created a solution: on Instructables, she walks motivated tweens and crafty lonely hearts through the steps of creating their very own “mouth pillows.” They’re exactly like regular pillows, except with creepy, disembodied mouths.

kissing pillow single

Wanna practice? Know someone who wants to practice? Know someone who should want to practice? Need a housewarming gift for someone with very strange design sense? The only thing standing between you and a make-out practice pillow of your very own is some felt and a rubber CPR face (full instructions here). You can also buy a finished one from King directly ($30), because hers look real nice, and also, sometimes the kissin’ can’t wait for craft time. “You are welcome,” says King. “You are so welcome.” Indeed.