Touching Underpants Is What Really Gets Women Aroused, According to Science

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Ah, boxers. Perhaps the least sexy of all underwear (they’re like brown paper lunch bags for your goodies) are finally getting their just rewards. According to Scientific American, in a study women were asked to touch boxers, described as a “sexy” item of clothing. Apparently this shifts women into a reward state, which means they’re more ready to get down than usual.

Using tests centered around receiving rewards of cash money and chocolate, women were asked to both touch and look at the “sexy” boxer shorts and a T-shirt. Maybe I’ve got a thing for Marlon Brando in A Street Car Named Desire, but a nice white tee can get my goat faster than any 100 percent cotton man drawers. Turns out, women not agree. As found in the study, by touching boxer shorts, women shifted into their reward mode. They were less focused on the costs of sex and more interested in the possible rewards. Basically, touching the shorts switches on their jonesing muscles.

How does this compare to men? Well, in a not super-duper surprising find, men don’t even need to touch something (in this case a bra) to switch into reward mode. For them, seeing is believing. While women had to physically connect with their wrongfully sexy object, men had to merely see it. The study concludes this is due to women’s need, or rather disposition, to connect sex with emotion. By forming a physical bond with a modest smock of an undergarment, women were better able to tap into those sexual emotions and switch into reward mode.

Who knows what would ┬áhave happened if they’d actually used something sexy like, I dunno, briefs! The scandal!