This Is a Hoax: BIC Responds Hilariously To Customer Complaint That Their Pen Only Draws Penises

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Update: unfortunately, the image was a hoax and we’ve removed it at the request of BIC.

Ah, BIC pens. You’ve lauched them across a classroom at your crush. You’ve stuck the caps up your nose. You’ve chewed on them fiendishly during math class. And perhaps, if you’re like Seth from Superbad, you have also found BIC pens to be the perfect instrument for your compulsive cock illustrations. When one such artist, a Mr. Harrison, jokingly wrote to BIC to complain about his dick-scribbling pen, he received back this super fun, super phallic letter from a BIC exec. Sure, this is the age of the internet and this letter could be a total fake, but just like the existence of Santa Claus, it’s better left unquestioned.

Image via Flickr.