Little Boy Gets This Awesome Love Note From Two Girls, Has Bright Future Ahead of Him

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One Redditor‘s kid brother recently received this darling note from two classmates. In the note, the two little girls, despite it being really hard for them, confessed their simultaneous feelings for class hottie Zane. We all know the first P.S.’s request was heinously violated by virtue of the letter being on Reddit, but we have the highest hopes that Zane recognized his fortune and honored the PPS. with a reply letter. If not, here’s mine.

Dear Natalie and Michelle C.,

I think it’s admirable that you two can team up and write Zane a letter together in light of both of your romantic feelings. I don’t know what makes Zane so great. Maybe he has cool gelled spiky hair or an iPad Air or even an okay personality. What I do know is that you ladies are single-handedly proving that recent New York Times article wrong and exposing the truth that women can remain good pals, despite competing desires. Please stay in school and continue to work on your penmanship. Best, Kate.

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