‘My 1992 Diary’ Tumblr Is Everything We Don’t Miss About Preteen Crushes

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The girl-teenager looks in  writing-book

Comedian Dawn Luebbe recently unearthed her preteen diaries, and to the unending joy of the Internet, has begun uploading the pages to a Tumblr called “My 1992 Diary.” While the diary covers everything from Christian horseback riding camp to bang styling techniques, the best part so far is definitely her crush on Dan, who is a “HUNK!!!”


Didn’t we all have a Dan, with whom we awkwardly attempted to flirt by dropping our pencils as they walked past and challenging them to Jenga during indoor recess on rainy days? When we rearranged seats and they ended up clear on the other side of the classroom we would mourn as we mourn a breakup today. I saw my Dan at my hometown bar over Thanksgiving and he ignored me, as he has for the past decade of my life. He’s still kind of a hunk, though. Ugh, boys.

Header via Veer, image via My 1992 Diary