Penis: An Etymological History

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nut_crackerAdmit it: You’ve been searching for the perfect fun slang term to say “penis” your entire life, and you just haven’t figured it out yet. Anticipating this very conundrum, has invented something just for you!

The Daily Dot found this wonderful corner of the internet, a detailed timeline of penis euphemisms from the 1360s to present day. Find out what your ancestors used to call their penises, and try to anticipate what’s going to become popular again. You can find a new term to describe a sexy penis, a new insulting way to say penis, and you can even find words for a large penis, a small penis, and of course, some great terminology for testicles.

Not until the 16th century did we start to call them “balls,” though we were also calling them “giblets” back then. The high point of that era would have to be the coinage of “pudding prick” to mean the male member generally. Following this came an explosion in terms not matched until the 20th century. Some of the best include “ladyware,” “maypole,” “bagpipe,” “picklock,” “pissing-place” and “plum-tree-shaker.” Some of these, obviously, are more literal than others.

I don’t know about you, but I’d put my money on “plum-tree-shaker” as the new “it” phrase, as far as male genitalia goes. We’re bringing it back!

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