The Best Meme Couples Costumes for 2013

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With Halloween hangin’ loose around the corner and the 5th Annual Hallowmeme Costume Party this Thursday, it’s about time to get your life together and assemble your Best Memes of 2013 costumes. Blame it on our love of the Internet combined with our undying passion for awesome costumes, but this year is a pretty fantastic round-up. Here’s how to party as 2013’s greatest memes.

1. Miley Cyrus & The Giant Foam Finger


What better way to pay tribute to America’s favorite little wrecking ball than portraying her barely there outfit from the infamous VMA performance? By squeezing into a pair of beige undies and having your lady-friend sport a giant foam finger, you’ll smash hearts and gender roles. (Spoiler alert for dudes who’ve never warn women’s’ underwear: they don’t leave much to the imagination.)

Materials for Miley:

One tan beige bra
A pair of ladies’ undergarments or booty shorts
Eye shadow
One huge tongue
Pigtail knots
Lack of inhibitions

Materials for Foam Finger:

Foam finger with red nails

2. Grumpy Cat & Lil’ Bub


Unless you’ve been blindfolded and living on one of Saturn’s moons, chances are you’ve been acquainted with this year’s favorite mentally handicapped feline duo. Lil’ Bub and Grumpy Cat stole America’s hearts with their big eyes and adorably irreverent ‘tudes. Sure, it’s a little challenging contorting your face into a frown as your mate perpetually leaves her tongue sticking out – but, if it helps, everyone will want to hug you.

Materials for Grumpy Cat:

Cat ears
Black, white, and brown makeup with frown
Kitty tail
White fuzzy sweatshirt
Bonus if you can find yourself a fur coat

Materials for Lil’ Bub:

Cat ears
Wide eyes
Curled tongue, always out
Kitty tail
Tiger stripes on the face

3. Prancercise & StarbucksDrakeHands


Poor StarbucksDrakeHands. I bet he never thought his pouty, smiley face and creepy hands would end up plastered all over the World Wide Web. However, when paired with this year’s YouTube crackpot, Prancercise, both costumes get exponentially less creepy. They’re perfect for each other.

Materials for Prancercise:

Coral Top
Big chunky necklace
Added volume to your hair
White spandex pants with camel-toe (You can sharpie yours on!)
Dance hands

Materials for StarbucksDrakeHands:

Plaid shirt
Coiffed Hair
Drake hands

4. Amy from Amy’s Baking Company & In The Way Guy


Really, all you need for Amy from Amy’s Baking Company is an incredulous expression which, when paired with “In The Way Guy’s” totally embarrassed grimace, makes for Internet costume gold. The unlikely duo of these totally-regular-people-gone-viral outfits makes your Halloween less pricey and way more self-aware than any loser going as Walter White.

Materials for Amy:

A huge abundance of eyeliner
A black chef coat
Big, blingy earrings

Materials for In The Way Guy:

White t-shirt
Black messenger bag strap
Dweeby glasses
A befuddled look when you get in the way

5. Marriage Equality Sign & What Does The Fox Say?


Remember when everyone’s Facebook was plastered with these red and pink equal signs? Pay homage to this year’s biggest FB craze by going as the marriage equality sign. Plus, you don’t need to wear anything underneath! Because nothing says equality like nudity. And, before it’s deader than disco, get your fox ears on and go out as the fox from “What Does The Fox Say?” Just prepared to give a convincing answer when someone actually asks you what the fox says.

Materials for Marriage Equality Sign:

Red and pink poster board worn like a sandwich board
Barely any clothes on underneath

Materials for What Does The Fox Say:

Fox ears
Black and white makeup
Knowing what the fox says
* Bonus points if you own a fox-colored fur coat