This Amazing Periodic Table Breaks Down Your Period Into Its Basic Elements

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I Heart Guts, a DC based company that makes cute pillows with organs embroidered on them, has created the Periodic Table of Your Period, an illustrated guide to all things menses. The organized chart includes everything from bloating to chick flicks, ibuprofen to period underwear. Illustrations include cute little vaginas, horny uteruses, and cock-blocked penises. Don’t fret – there’s also a kid friendly “Good Ol’ Menstrual Cycle” poster available to help educate youngsters on the complexity of Aunt Flo.


If your dude is having trouble understanding exactly what you’re going through, don’t waste your time explaining the ins and outs of your period. Just point to the element you’re experiencing at that very moment (like, Ice Cream) and move on with your menstruation in peace.


[h/t Laughing Squid]

Images via I Heart Guts