This Fashionable Ex Boyfriend Revenge Kit Has Everything You Need to Get Even

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Ever wished you had just the right tools to get even with an ex? Australian handbag brand Her Royal Flyness has designed the perfect item to help you partake in a glamorous revenge mission. The teal woven-leather bag, which is actually part of company’s product line, comes complete with color blocked tools like the balaclava ski mask, mini crowbar, and limited edition hi impact brass knuckles.

Designer Lani Devine admits the tools aren’t necessarily for use, but help make light at the rough time of being dumped or cheated on. Just showing off the kit to your girls is a hilarious way to laugh through the pain. Regardless, I would keep the bottle of truth serum nearby, especially if you plan on starting a new relationship anytime soon.

The complete kit costs $1,689. Hey, revenge ain’t cheap, honey.

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[h/t Design Taxi]

Images via Her Royal Flyness