This Video Accurately Describes Exactly How Horrifying It Is To Run Into Your Ex

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We all know the only reason you wear your nice pea coat and comb your hair to go to the grocery store is on the off chance you run into your ex and have to engage them in polite, yet excruciating, postmortem chit-chat. Those forced conversations filled with “How have you been?” thrown at you with pity in the dairy aisle while you each tiptoe around the topic of your new, more successful relationship.

This video from Above Average perfectly describes that gut-wrenching, sphincter-clenching feeling of realizing your ex is a lot better off than you. How the things we actually say, “I got a new rug!” differ from what we actually mean to say, “I took your name out of my phone.”

Watch this hilarious commentary track to the awkward ex run-in. Take notes, you could be next.