What the Dating Profiles of Your Favorite TV Characters Would Look Like

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I was going to argue that one of the best parts of being a fictional character is that you do not need an online dating profile, both because there is a creative department to take care of your personal life, and because you are not real. But the do-gooding yentas at The Connectivist sensed a need where I did not. And perhaps they’re right: will Dwight Schrute really find love on his own?

The OkCupid-style profiles are uniformly unappealing, though possibly not all that much more unappealing than actual online profiles — Jesse Pinkman is looking for someone wants to “blaze one down,” while Arrested Developement’s Lindsay Bluth Fünke wants a man who “isn’t afraid to take off his cut-offs.” Honest, at least, and none of them claim to be “equally comfortable in jeans or a tux,” so points for that.

Image via The Connectivist