Woman Shoplifts from Adult Toy Store, Then Applies for Job There

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Adult toy store

The following sequence of events took place in Fort Walton Beach, Florida last week. A woman entered a adult novelty store. She stole a sex toy. She hid the sex toy in her pants. Then, she asked for a job.

When police reviewed video footage from Intimate Treasures’ – of course the store is named Intimate Treasures – security cameras, they saw this woman “manipulating the front of her pants and shirt, in an action consistent with concealing the device within her pants.” This, to be fair, is not an entirely unreasonable place to hide a sex toy.

The ensuing criminal investigation was made significantly easier by the fact that she had left her name, address and phone number with the manager for a possible position at the store. Now, please excuse me while I connect with her on LinkedIn.

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