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Uploading Too Many Online Dating Profile Pictures Could Cost You Actual Dates

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A Georgia Institute of Technology study of more than 1.1 million Instagram photos found, somewhat predictably, that pictures of people (especially faces) attract the most engagement of any posts on the site. Yeah, yeah, selfies are the future, but here’s another finding that might surprise you: there is such a thing as too many posts. Regardless of how many followers an Instagram user has, sharing an excessive number of photos will result in a sharp decrease in both the numbers of comments and likes received.

“The more you post, the less feedback you’re going to get,” researcher Saeideh Bakhshi told the Daily News.

How does this apply to online dating? Everyone knows that uploading absolutely zero profile pictures sends a clear message: “Do not date me.” But uploading dozens upon dozens of profile pictures sends an equally clear one: “Do not date me, either.” The result is an unpleasant blend of narcissism and information overload. It’s important to present an accurate (if kiiiiiiiind of flattering) version of your personal appearance, but after the eighth consecutive photo of you taking shots with your sorority big, we literally get the picture.

Just how many photos is too many photos? It’s difficult to say. Five seems like a safe, reasonable number. Beyond that, you’re on your own.

[h/t Betabeat]