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Men Really are More Forgetful Than Women, Says Science

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Men are upfront about not remembering things — important anniversaries or your first name come to mind — but now there’s science to back up the claim that men are actually more forgetful than women. A study from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology should make me feel better about that forgotten birthday, but it really just confirms what I’d already accepted.

In the study, published in the journal BMC Psychology, researchers sampled 37,405 participants to look at “subjective memory impairment,” or the awareness of your own memory problems. Researchers asked the subjects, who were at least 30 years old, to answer a series of nine questions such as, “Do you have problems with your memory?” and “Do you have problems remembering what happened a few minutes ago?” They found similar percentages of men and women admitted to having a tough time remembering names (89.7 and 86.5 percent, respectively), but men were 10 percent more likely than women to have a hard time remembering dates. I guess that explains it!

Jostein Holmen, the lead researcher, said he was surprised to see men were more forgetful than women. This shocks me too, but maybe his birthday was always remembered or maybe he always got that call the day after. The study also showed that man tend to be steadily forgetful, regardless of age, meaning they won’t remember things whether they’re 30 or 60. Whether this can excuse not buying me a birthday card or even posting on my Facebook wall stands to question, but it definitely justifies buying a calendar.