Science Says Sex Is A Better Workout than Running

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Young people exercising and running on treadmill in gym

If you’re too lazy to go to the gym, don’t just put on your workout togs and hope for the best. Have sex instead! A new study suggests that sex may actually burn more calories than a 30-minute treadmill workout. That is, of course, if you can last longer than 30 minutes.

This news alone should make fat, bored couples more excited about sex. The new pseudo-scientific study was conducted by strapping heart monitors around the arms of 21 couples, who were then tasked with having sex. Such a hard day in the lab (so to speak). The results, though varied, pointed to one major concept: sex could burn more calories than exercise. Although couples didn’t actually burn the same number of calories during sex as they did on a treadmill exercise, they did expend less energy. This means they could have more sex with less sweat off their backs. Meanwhile, the couples in the study who lasted longest (57 minutes) burnt more calories than they did during treadmill exercise.

Of the couples measured — with sex longevity ranging from 10 to 57 minutes — the average number of calories burnt was 101 for men and 69 for women. 69, really? This seems like data tampering.

Image via Veer