Sex Workers May Be the Only Ones to Have This Obamacare Thing Figured Out

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A sexy nurse. A bespectacled blonde wearing a garter. Topless women prancing about with syringes. If this seems like a fevered mescaline dream and not like your experience signing up for Obamacare, you’re clearly not attending the right registration rallies.

Amongst the shameless lampooning and cries for Kathleen Sebelius’ resignation over the botched website, a group of  savvy sex workers from the Bay Area (that happy epicenter of sexual progressives that I’m not entirely sure is real) managed to completely upstage the rest of America’s attempt at buying healthcare with their own patented event. They called it the Healthy Ho’s Party.

Sex workers have had a long road to accessing health insurance. Because they mainly work in cash, live life off the books, and rarely seek the medical attention they need in such a high-risk profession, they’re at the forefront of those who could benefit tremendously if they got Obamacare. That is, if the site would freakin’ load. Siouxsie Q, the worker who organized the registration event, latched onto the idea after realizing that workers don’t need to report their employment in order to sign up for the exchange.  And because they’re geniuses, the sex workers came armed with a stack of applications on paper. No need to rely on those finicky interwebs.

By the end of the evening, almost 40 men and women had filled out enrollment forms and 100 percent of  the crowd had seen two burlesque dancers chase each other around with a toy syringe. But you can keep trying to hit “refresh” on Whatever method works for you.

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