May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

If Dating Were An RPG…

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You would reload from the last save point constantly

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Booze restoring health would make a lot more sense

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You’d always know what to say. Thanks, dialogue tree!

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The whole “a gun is really a penis” thing would get really real

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You’d do well to load up on Charisma

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We could finally quantify how horrible fedoras are.
(Fedora: minus 3 to Charisma)

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There would be so many bards

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Pretty sure this would be a mission

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You’d have to deal with so many pesky NPCs

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By the way, we all realize there are people who already think dating is an RPG, right? There’s a word for that type of person:

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Anyway, you would lose some tough battles

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But, you’d be gaining experience even when things weren’t going well

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Ultimately though, you’d still be bad at it.

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Oh well.

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