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7 Reasons to Date Someone Who is Unemployed

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Reasons to Date an Unemployed person

There’s definitely stigma about dating someone who is unemployed, but come on guys — We’ve all been there at one point in our lives or another. Here are 7 reasons it’s awesome to date someone who is unemployed.

1. They have too much time on their hands… And they want to spend it all with you! Yes, looking for jobs is a full time job. Yes, they should be focusing on networking, making their resume presentable, applying to 3 million positions a day (and writing a specific cover letter for each, despite knowing no one will ever read that cover letter), connecting to anyone and everyone on Linkedin, etc. But even with all of that stuff, there’s no getting around it: unemployed people have a lot of time on their hands.

2. It’s nice to feel needed sometimes. It’s true, being unemployed can be a bit depressing. Everyone handles it differently, but the most common response is to just need your SO a little more than usual. And that can make a person feel really good about themselves, ya know?

3. They cook, and clean the house too?!?! That’s right, when you’re home all day, cooking and cleaning feels natural and easy. They finally have time to make that elaborate recipe or sweep the floor of their apartment. Maybe even both — Who knows?

4. They know all the good TV shows. When they’re not applying for jobs or spending their time with you, unemployed people are watching hour upon hour of BBC America. “Why yes, I have watched ‘Orphan Black,’ and it is as amazing as people say it is.”

5. That natural planning gene kicks in. Apply for 3 jobs, spend 4 hours planning an amazing weekend to spend together. Like most things in life, being unemployed is a balance.

6. Discovering new interests. And of course, they have time to try all those things they thought they’d have to plan a staycation for. And they’ll bring you along with them. If not the first time, then definitely the second or third time.

7. They know all the good deals. Let’s face the most obvious factor: Nothing makes you learn how to be frugal like not having a steady source of income, or the steady source you were once accustomed to. When you’re looking to do things on the cheap, you realize there’s a lot of cool things you were missing out on by spending too much money!

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