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The Best Subway Meet-Cute Ever

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wedding shoes in the grass field

The Cut gathered 20 of the best wedding hookup stories, and they range from sexy to hilarious to downright enlightening.

Like this really cute story that will make you want to ask out all those super attractive people on the subway you think about talking to,  instead of just pretending you’re really into that song you’re listening to:

“So I was heading to a wedding uptown. I felt really pretty, in a long vintage gown and my hair all glammed out. I took the subway. It was right out of a movie, because a super-hot guy was sitting across from me and we kept glancing at each other. He seemed sweet, and seriously gorgeous, so just before my stop, I took a long, deep breath and said, “I’ll be at a wedding at this place … come say hi in a few hours.” Then I bolted. Long story short, he shows up just as they’re cutting the cake. My friends thought it was awesome, and he joined our table. We ended up dating for two years. And yes, we hooked up all over at the rooftop after-party. The bride asked if we wanted to borrow the honeymoon suite.”

 Read all 20 at The Cut.

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