Maybe Don’t Admit to Murder While You’re Competing on a TV Dating Show

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Dating can be a mixed bag, sure, but normally that bag is filled with your garden variety stuff, like the guy who’s still hung up on his ex, or the perennial bachelor. But sometimes, that bag also includes contenders like “real-life axe murderer,” as the horrified host of a Flash TV dating show called The Luck of the Draw discovered this for herself during a recent taping.

Sefer Calinak, a 62-year-old contestant looking for love, casually mentioned during his segment that he had murdered both his first wife and, later, a mistress, according to a since-deleted tweet by the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet Daily News. Calinak apparently killed his first wife—who was also his cousin—out of jealousy, and went on to serve several years of his 13-year prison term before he was granted amnesty, only to then “accidentally” murder his married mistress with an axe after she allegedly tried to kill him first.

But, but! Calinak claims it was “destiny” and “bad luck” and not the axe in his hand that led to these tragedies, and that he’s now an “honest person looking for a new wife.” So it’s like totally fine now, guys.

Watch the clip here.
[h/t HyperVocal]