Kissing: Not Just a Gateway to Sex!

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dosineauMindy Kaling has an essay in the New Yorker this week that’s basically in praise of the, if not lost, then certainly under-appreciated art of kissing:

The problem is, kissing is no longer appreciated as a satisfying end in itself, as an inviting pair of lips and, possibly, a tongue, to interact with for a delightful moment. No. Kissing has now been cheapened into the nominal gateway gesture to sex. Kissing is to sexual intercourse as the phrase ‘Can I talk to you for a second?’ is to a full-blown screaming fight.

It’s true! When was the last time you kissed someone — you know, really kissed — without the understood assumption that it would lead to sex, if not immediately, then at least in the near enough future? It seems as though these days, a make-out session is meant to signify, “Yes, I am interested in sleeping with you, but since our current circumstances (we’re on a bus/train/public sidewalk) don’t allow for it, I’ll do my best to convey my sexual interest through my lips.” Or, sometimes it simply means, “I’m on my period.”

Kaling goes on to describe an imaginary invention that would allow people to kiss someone other their partners for a period of 90 seconds, which. Okay.

Or, we could all spend a little more time kissing, just for fun. Because it is fun! Kiss your date! Kiss your spouse! Kiss your friend with benefits! Kiss in a situation where you know it won’t immediately lead to anything more, like in a movie (last row, out of everyone else’s eyesight, please), on a park bench, under the bo-oard-walk. Let’s make this the summer of K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

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