Photographer Captures Strangers’ Reactions After Making Out with Them

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Make Out 1

Photographer Jedediah Johnson makes out with a lot of people for art. For his Makeout Project, Johnson applies some harsh red lipstick, kisses each of his subjects, then photographs their reactions. Johnson is using his 100 (and growing) participants, both male and female, to prove his theory that kissing doesn’t have to be intimate.

Johnson told DNAinfo, “My subjects are all aware of what I’m going to do ahead of time, but in the moment of the kiss anything can happen.” His photos are proof of that—the participants’ reactions vary from stunned to aroused.

“I once took a personality test that I felt was very accurate. It said that people with my specific personality type like to collect people and experiences. That’s what the Makeout Project is all about, my interaction with people and a shared experience between me and my subjects.”

Take a look at some of the images from the Makeout Project here:

Make Out 2

Make Out 3

Make Out 4

Make Out 5

Make Out 6

Make Out 8

Make Out 9

Make out 10

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