Your Summer Bucket List: 25 Places You Simply Must Hook Up In

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Summer is the best, isn’t it? Even if you get sick and tired of the heat and humidity, you have to admit it’s nice to be able to walk outside in sandals instead of heavy boots and spend your weekends in the sun instead of holed up in your dark apartment. Your opportunities for hooking up essentially double, as you can spend all of your time outside. So this summer, I challenge you to one make-out session in each of the following places. Print it out and keep it with you at all times as a constant reminder that it’s summer and love is just around the corner wherever you go. A totally checked-off list will be all the proof you need you lived summer to its fullest.

  • At a snack shack or concession stand
  • In water (beach, pool, lake)
  • On some sort of athletic field

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  • On the couch in front of the TV with the AC blaring on a disgustingly hot day
  • In the woods
  • Under fireworks
  • In a thunderstorm (or hurricane)

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  • On a roller coaster
  • During a music festival
  • The beach (remember a towel or blanket!)
  • At a drive in
  • In a car (can you swing a convertible? because that would be awesome)

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  • In a movie theater
  • At the park on a picnic blanket
  • At some weird local carnival
  • In a tent
  • In a hammock

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  • On a boat
  • A city rooftop
  • Somebody’s crappy beach house
  • A biergarden
  • A rest stop
  • A treehouse
  • The public library
  • When the power’s out

What places would you add to the list?

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