If Romance Movies Were Real Life: A Depressing Reality Check in GIFs

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We’ve all been there. You watch the movies, you fall in love with the characters falling in love, and you imagine your life happening just like all those romantic comedies you’re obsessed with. From When Harry Met Sally to Friends With Benefits, you just can’t help but wish your own Justin Timberlake would be your best friend who you have awesome casual sex with until you realize you’re both actually mad for each other.

So… sometimes you try to make it happen. But, as we all know, life doesn’t always quite work out the way it does in the movies.

1. Taking a Dance Class

Expectation: This will be just like the movies. The dance class will bring us closer together, make us more in sync, and give us an intense couples experience that will make our love grow deeper. Nothing binds two people together like the power of dance.

movies vs reality

movies vs reality

Reality: It’s awkward, uncoordinated, and frustrating. And, toes and elbows! When did we get so many toes and elbows??

movies vs reality (3)

movies vs reality (4)
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2. Kissing in The Rain

Expectation: This is going to feel like the ultimate act of passion.

movies vs reality (6)

Reality: I’m cold, wet, soggy, and oh my god I just inhaled water. I don’t mean to be dramatic, but I’m lightly drowning right now.


3. Being Ridiculously Klutzy is Super Sexy

Expectation: I just spilled my drink all over his shoes. The perfect meet-cute!


Reality: I tried to help him clean up his shoes but he looked at me like I was a weirdo and walked away.

movies vs reality (19)

4. Best Friends Always End Up Together

Expectation: I have this guy friend who I’m completely in love with. We do everything together, we stay up all night talking, and I help him with his girlfriend problems. I know one day he will wake up and realize I’m the love of his life, and we’ll get married and have million of babies.


Reality: He said he just didn’t “feel that way” about me. There was a HUGE blowout fight. I will never talk to that asshole again.

movies vs reality (18)

5. Love and Hate Are The Same Thing

Expectation: There’s this guy in the office who I have a passionately hateful relationship with. We can’t get through a single day without fighting. Secretly I believe that one day we will get to know each other and realize we’ve been in love the whole time. I mean… that’s how it always works in the movies, right?

reality vs movies

Reality: Nope. Turns out he’s just a tool. I am literally repulsed by his existence.

reality vs movies (2)

6. That Person You’re Dating Is Secretly Royalty

Expectation: I’ve been dating someone for a few months now, and I’m completely in love with him. So… when is he gonna reveal that he’s secretly the King of France or something?? In the romcoms he’s never too good to be true, he’s always EVEN BETTER.


Reality:  Well… turns out he’s not a King. He does have a lot of flaws. And some vastly unhealthy eating habits.


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