10 Cats React to Karl Lagerfeld Wanting to Marry His Cat

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Recently Karl Lagerfeld mentioned how much he would love to marry his cat, the rather pampered Choupette. So we decided to speculate how cats would react to the news…

1. “Yeah, think I’m gonna sit this one out.”

[Source: Cat Gif Page]

2. “Damn you humans. Stop the insanity!!”

[Source: Cat Gif Page]

3. “I’ll be the perfect brides-cat! Or ring bearer!”

[Source: Cat Gif Page]

4. “The ring is HOW big???”

[Source: Cat Gif Page]

5. “Whatevs, as long as he gets a prenup.”

[Source: Tumblr]

6. “Yay, a wedding! I love weddings!”


[Source: Tumblr]

7. “She isn’t even that pretty!”

[Source: Huffington Post]

8. “Wait, so would she have to like, consummate this??”


[Source: Huffington Post]

9. “Yeah, sure, marriage equality for all! Now give me more treats.”

[Source: Cat Gif Page]

10. “She has 20,000 more Twitter followers than me?!?”


[Source: Tumblr]