10 Romantic Tumblrs We Hope Don’t Change

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With the news that Tumblr has been acquired by Yahoo! for a cool $1.1 billion, Tumblr users have been atwitter over whether or not the deal will change the fundamental nature of the site, and the unique community that creates and shares a massive amount of content. (For the record, Yahoo has vowed “not to screw it up.”)

While we don’t know what the future holds for Tumblr, we’ve pulled a few of our favorites that we hope don’t ever change.

Old Loves


This Tumblr not only pulls at our heartstrings, it plays with the idea that nostalgia can be just as strong as love.

Dear Old Love


Writing love letters has always been a rite of passage, but when love is lost (or maybe you just lose the will to manifest it), you can use this Tumblr as a means of expression, without fear of rejection or stumbling on your words.

Six Word Love Story


Summing up your love life in six words may feel daunting, but flip through the pages of this Tumblr and it feels like someone may have already written it for you.

Tumblr Love Quotes


Simple and straightforward, this Tumblr puts some of your favorite quotes about love into fantastic images.

F*ckYeah Wedding Ideas


The all-too-familiar “F*ckYeah” section boasts an impressive accumulation of blogs dedicated to specific ideas. This wedding blog not only shows beautiful images, but posts DIY ideas and amazing videos.



We’ve talked about Kelly Williams Brown’s book before (and chatted with her as well), but what started it all was her Tumblr. Follow her as she explores love and growing up.

Pretty Little Wedding Things


This wedding Tumblr focuses on the small details that make a wedding unique.


City of Love


While this Tumblr may not have romance as its central focus, flipping through these magnificent images of places you should visit around the world may just spark a romantic trip.

Love Is a Letter Sent Thousands of Times


The URL may seem misleading (what is a unicorn hurricane?), but this collection, run by an avid Tumblr user named Amanda, is just a vehicle for getting those great images of love  to the masses.

Humans of New York


New York has a reputation of being somewhat of an oxymoron: romantic yet gritty. Brandon Stanton has amassed a photographic collage of what makes New York the most romantic city on earth.