Being Single

10 Single People Who Rock

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In a world where celeb couples are known by a single, overly-cutesy moniker, and the music makes you want to celebrate your single status while simultaneously making you feel like you’re not good enough because he didn’t put a ring on it, it can be tough being the odd (single) one out. But never fear, even if you’re technically flying solo, you’re still in amazing company. Consider these 10 single people who rock:

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Gabby Douglas

While most kids her age were tanning, texting or tweeting, this teen was in London making history. Literally. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you probably have some idea that this 16 year old was the first African-American woman and first person of color to win gold in the gymnastics individual all-around competition. Plus she’s the first US gymnast in history to win both individual and team gold medals at the same Olympics. (And she’s single. At press time.)


Nicolas Berggruen

If you’re not a frequent reader of Forbes you may have no clue who this guy is. Let me enlighten you. He’s a billionaire who’s single with no kids who also happens to be technically homeless. Rather than living in one place he stays at luxury hotels in whatever city he happens to be in while acquiring more assets to add to his already impressive portfolio. This totally helps to illuminate the type of awesome stuff you can do while single.


Martha Stewart

Screw June Cleaver, Carol Brady and Clair Huxtable. If media is going to give me a mom I want it to be this woman right here. She’s the quintessential domestic Goddess and the head of an empire she built herself. She cooks, she sews, she crafts and makes you believe you can do the same all while looking catalog page perfect.


Tyler Perry

Whether you love the character of Madea or not, you’ve got to give this guy credit where credit is due as he’s pretty much reinvigorated the mainstream urban movie market. Plus when he’s not busy writing, acting in or otherwise working on his own projects he’s busy playing Alex Cross, a role which he was handpicked for by author James Patterson. If he’s inspiring enough for James Patterson, he should be inspiring enough for you.


Patti Stanger

She’s the millionaire matchmaker and she’s single. That’s the whole story. Seriously. Don’t believe that’s enough of a reason for her to be on the list? Try this: think of any one of your single friends, especially one who’s been engaged and focus on the last time you talked about love or relationships. I bet they had something snarky to say and that setting someone else up and seeing them happy wasn’t on their minds at all. Patti Stanger is different. Patti Stanger is a boss!


Robert Pattinson

Okay so I realize that he just became single again like two seconds ago but it’s his behavior in the aftermath that has me cheering Team Robert all the way. When his long time girlfriend was very publicly exposed as a cheater he could have bashed her and people would have understood. But he didn’t and that just goes to show what a good guy he is and he should be your goal model for how to be classy in a conflict. BTW it’s not okay to call anyone a Trampire. Ever.


Nikki Lynette

I’ve had a girl crush on her every since I first saw the video for “Shut the F up boy” and it’s only grown over time. Even without label backing she’s got a legion of loyal fans lovingly dubbed Team Bad Ass and if you watch shows like “Bad girls club” or “The real L word” you’ve probably heard her music playing in the background. As a bonus she’s into geeky goodness and is super hot.


Taylor Lautner

Disclaimer: He almost wasn’t added to the list because of the Robert Pattinson mention and I’d cringe if anyone thought for a second that this was some sort of left field homage to that vampire series which shall not be named BUT after careful consideration I knew he needed a mention. He’s young, hot in that Hollywood way and not a man whore. Kudos!


Katie Holmes

Another newly single celeb who ended her divorce amicably and is apparently still getting residuals from Dawson’s Creek, a show which by the way she risked not being cast on because she insisted on performing in her school play.


Prince Harry

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but he seems kind of like a changeling in the sense that he doesn’t quite seem to fit in with the rest of the Royal Family. There’s something endearing about that though and (of course) there’s a lesson as well in the sense that you don’t have to be who everyone expects you to be but you should strive to be true to yourself.

Oh and if by the time you’re reading this any of these people have coupled up, never fear: relationships can be short-lived among the rich and famous and you can bet that there’ll be some swell singles at any given time.