10 Ways Air Conditioning (or Lack Thereof) Affects Your Dating Life

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1. You start going on a ton of movie dates, just to spend 2 hours out of the heat.

2. Before going home with someone to hook up, you ask “Do you have AC?”

3.You start talking to your actually-sort-of-hot neighbor when you both start hanging out on your roof/fire escape/backyard.

4. You figure out how to have sex with the absolute minimum amount of body contact, because it’s just too hot for that.

5. You plan a romantic getaway, just so you can sleep in an air conditioned hotel for a night.

6. Ice cubes become an important part of foreplay.

7. Getting in the car and just driving around starts to look like an appealing date idea.

8. You decide not to break up with the girl you’ve been seeing, because of her window unit.

9. You invite that cute guy from work over for dinner. And then, since he’s there anyway, maybe he can help install your new AC unit?

10. You consider listing “Have AC Unit” on your online dating profile.


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