Vocab Lessons: Full Communication Assault

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I unabashedly love text messages. Amanda Ernst, over at Crushable, does not. But today, after months of charged editorials on the benefits or dangers of text messaging, she and I have finally found some common ground: the full communication assault.

Full Communication Assault: When a guy or girl will text, email, facebook, gChat, AND call you, all before you even go on a first date.

Ernst describes a recent FCA from a guy she met at a dog park, who texted her immediately:

“Later, he friended me on Facebook. The next day he called to invite us to the dog park. A day later I got an email and I figured he had snagged my address off my Facebook profile. The red flags were already waving at that point, but I was into it. Maybe he wasn’t a creepy, desperate stalker. Maybe he saw something special in me. The next day, he IMed me. It had been 4 days and we hadn’t even been out on a date yet.”

Yikes, that’s a lot of back and forth. While I strongly believe that a little pre-date back-and-forth text banter can act as an aphrodisiac, it’s best to stick to just one form of communication before a date.

So, text ahead, but if you haven’t been on a date yet, keep it short and sweet, and definitely don’t follow up with an email, call, and Facebook friend request.