Whoa, Remember “Video Dating?”

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The extent of my knowledge of Video Dating is limited to an episode of Full House where Uncle Joey tries it out (I think?), but back in the 90s, it was pretty big. Daters would head to a dating service office and film an introductory video of themselves, (“I’m Chad, I like long walks in on the beach…”, etc). Then, based on who you were interested in, you’d get a tape in the mail with a bunch of guys or girls to watch and then choose from. It seems so fun, but also such a terrible way to actually find a significant other.

Laurie the EFlirtExpert recently uncovered a montage of these videos on YouTube. I know the 80s clothes just make it that much worse, but even if I imagine these guys in more modern gear … yikes.

Awww, I hope some of these guys did find girlfriends. I’m sure much of the awkwardness can be attributed to editing — and the fact that it’s so dated.

But really, we’ve come a long way in the dating world, don’t you think?